General Contracting

General contracting is rather a quite simple endeavor for the experienced. Whether it is communicating with a draftsperson, engineer or city inspector, the initial planning phase; if well directed can make for an enjoyable experience.

Amore Developments prides itself in providing detailed estimates to our clients; these estimates are developed so a step by step exploration and orientation can take place.

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Is your project going sideways? Are you thinking of doing it yourself? We can help you with this.

With detailed reporting and correspondence I can ensure you take your project and regain control and minimize loss and expenditure. I want to help you take control and mitigate your project to maximize your investment.

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With our main focus on new development and new construction comes restoration rebuilds. We at Amore have direct experience with flood and fire restoration. I spent several years working as a Project Manager for a really great company.

However, all the challenges I faced hiring sub-contractors I truly wanted to eliminate, and so I focused on providing Restoration firms with inevitably the most efficient means of returning their clients homes and businesses to pre-flood/fire condition.

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