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Amore Developments LTD is a prepaid contracting firm licensed to operate municipally and are provincially Insured. Prepaid contractors are required to provide assuraty in way of a secure bond to the province for the protection and safety of homeowners like you looking to invest in a renovation. This bond provides security for homeowners, before and during a renovation so the transfer and handling of pre-payments are protected through this assuraty. All contracts legally recognized to include a buyers right to cancel so our clients carry the privilege of rights during a project. We are dedicated to providing a unique level of service for designers, their clients and property management firms. Our modo, "when passion builds" speaks of our mission in providing you with a higher level of service for specialized renovations and restoration projects. Our objective is simply to provide a higher end finish in quality and workmanship guaranteed. We honour our own principle through our guaranteed performance rebates and backed by our 5 year workmanship warranty.

Amore Developments LTD is specialized in providing property management with 24 hour emergency based restoration services for all of their condo management needs and maintenance services.

We began as a renovation contractor in 2010 and developed into a Restorations provider. We have combined the two to offer unique services to homeowners needing professional direction in bringing their renovation visions to life. Our passion is to materialize your renovation dream and make it come to life.

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